Sunday, December 7, 2008

The heads of the big three should go

I think congress is doing what should have been done years ago, hold the executives at the top accountable for the mess the big three is end. Executive compensation reached all time highs at all three while rank and file employees were losing jobs, and relingushing healthcare benefits and bonuses. It would company would I be allowed to continue working and still receive bonuses even if I was doing a lousy job. Apparently if you are an executive in the big three you can do just that. The heads of these companies have all but spit in the faces of the people who truly are the backbone of the auto industry the assembly workers by flying in private jets while most of their employees can barely afford room and shelter. Now they are willing to work for $1 a year? You've got to be kidding me. You've reaped all the rewards for several years while your employees have grown poorer and only now when you in danger of not being able to pass out your bonuses , you go to congress asking for a handout. Congress should demanded the ceo be personally responsible for repairing any loans their companies accept. Maybe then they'll understand what it's like to actually work for the big three as so far the only thing they've done is sit on their asses and collect bonuses they neither earned or deserved.