Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Creation of Jobs

We need jobs. We need jobs for those who want to work. We need good paying job with decent health care. With that being said, where is the job creation happening? Certainly not here in Michigan. Everyday the state of Michigan is losing jobs by the thousands putting strain on public funding which is on the brink of bankruptcy if we are not already there. What is to be said of a country where almost everyone in thia state is one paycheck away from being homeless or going hungry. What we don't need is more excuses. Labor unions have failed, big business has failed and the government has failed. Tax breaks are fine, stimtiuls payments are fine but do they really help in the long run? Stimulus checks only help those who are not drowning in debt. Will another 600 really help someone who is 1800 behind on their mortgage payment? Will a tax break really help a single mom who is working for $26000 a year without affordable health care coverage help her now? I'm ranting and it's late. Tomorrow I'll fill you in on some ideas I have about fixing this economy and putting people back to work.

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