Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fallout from the bailout

I strongly disagreed with bailing out wallstreet. Am I honestly suppose to feel any sympathy for the rich people who backed subprime mortgages and lost their money when people began defaulting? I 'm sorry but if you loan money to someone who you know has no means of paying you back then its your mistake to fix. Its like loaning money to a crackhead, you just don't do it. Its common sense something I think silverspoon americans just don't have.

Its funny how the economy has been in the toliet since 9/11 and yet no one thought twice about the bush administration passing bills which only help the rich get richer. Pension plans got tossed aside in favor of 401k(which are heavily invested in wallstreet) yet there was no outcry. Employers begin to strip away health benefits and yet this too was no reason for concern.

But all hell has brooken loose and we're on the verge of america collasping because all the rich folks may not be able to take that extra holiday to france because they are bleeding money due to the investments they backed. My heart does not ache for them because their hearts did not ache for the millions of decent people who are now or are close to being out on the streets.

where was the bailout for the autoworkers who lost their homes and for their families when the bush adminstration decided to give tax breaks to companies sending jobs oversees. I say maybe they should call up the workers in china or india who have all our jobs and see if they can help out the people who sat on their ass and reaped their rewards off the backs of underpaid hard working americans and collected big bonuses. Enough is enough.

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