Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wakeup America

Arkansas -The measure bans all unmarried couples from adoption and fostering children, though the Arkansas Family Council painted its proposal as a battle against a "gay agenda."

When is providing a home to a child a crime? Apparently if one is single you can't provide a home to a child who needs one despite the fact you can provide love and support to the child. However as long as you are married, you can provide foster care to several children at a time despite the fact you may only feed them once a week every 6 months?

What kind of country is this becoming. Every other election year we are becoming closer to repealing the entire bill of rights. I thought I lived in a democracy. Who are these people who are using religion to further fill their own holier than thou agendas when they are less than holy themselves.

These so called christian folks(yes I said it) are the same people who don't believe a woman should have an abortion but bitch and moan when these same mothers need help from the government. What kind of drugs are these idiots on? You can't have it both ways.

You can't tell a woman to have an abortion and then deny someone the right to adopt the child that she didn't want and that wasn't aborted. You can't say decrease public welfare and yet have thousands of unwanted children uninsured and unable to find a decent home because of you own views on what makes a stable family.

What god are these people serving? It is not the God I serve. At what point did Jesus hold any sermon that told people to mistreat and abuse others? I am all for freedom of speech but don't use the pulpit to further hate or public policy. There is a reason religion and politics don't mixed. Religion teaches to use our authority to help others and politics teaches us to use our authority to defraud and damn others. It is a very dangerous time in America and if we are not careful we are going to destroy the very fabric this country was built on: freedom.

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