Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I hate to admit I was one of the people who absolutely thought a HDTV was a complete waste of money. In today’s economy you can’t afford to really throw money away on products considered to be luxuries. However with television making the transition from analog signal to digital in February 2009, its high time you get information from an actual person who is just like you. I’m not a salesperson or someone who works for companies who get free products to try out. I have to go out and do the leg work to find the best products on the market which fit my little budget. After months of putting off my HDTV purchase, I finally decided on the Samsung LCD HDTV 32 720p.

Why did I choose this particular product? Glad you asked. First the price was great I paid under $650 for it. Secondly, Samsung’s television quality is outstanding in my opinion as I have purchased several different brands over the years and Samsung’s display performances has always been vivid and without competition. What I love about this particular television is the clarity of the picture, the colors really pop and the televisions ability to received digital channels without hooking up an antenna. The sound quality is amazing. The TV. Comes with several component jacks, 2 hdmi inputs and a pc input. Now for the cons, the television does not have the old audiovisual sockets for a VCR however if you know how to hookup you vcr through your satellite box this will not be a problem. The television doesn’t have an s-video jack again not really a problem for those who are tech greeks. If you are looking for a great television that won’t bankrupt you, I’d definitely recommend this baby. Also if you are just dying to have the old audiovisual jacks, upgrade to the next series which features a s-video jack.

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